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[Does uric acid drink protein powder]_Danger_Bad

[Does uric acid drink protein powder]_Danger_Bad

At present, the physical examination will check a uric acid value. If the uric acid value in the body is high, but there is no discomfort in the body and no gout occurs, then you can leave it alone and do not need treatment. Pay more attention to your dietYes, if you have gout, you need to be treated to reduce purine in time. So, can uric acid be high in protein powder?

What foods are high in purines?

As we already know, pushing uric acid forward is DNA or RNA. So-called this is the contents of organelles or nucleus. Besides, it is the contents of cells. This is easy to handle.

In other words, the food you eat must have a cell structure. If there is no cell structure, there is no way to talk about purines and no uric acid.

It can be said that all foods contain purine, but the amount is different.

The main raw material of protein powder is generally whey protein, and more specifically, various amino acids.

It has no cell structure at all.

Where’s purine?

If you leave it for too long, the protein powder deteriorates and bacteria may grow to a little purine.

From another perspective, whey protein is generally purified from milk. Milk has a very low purine content because it is a body fluid and has almost no cell structure.

So the purine in milk is very low, so the purine in the protein powder is almost 0, or not, you can eat it with peace of mind.

However, there is another problem. The source of protein absorbed by the human body is mainly animal or plant protein, and then meat and some plants.

It has a cellular structure.

Most animal offal, meat, seafood, beans, wine (beer and liquor) are high purity purines.