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[Home-made Braised Braised Pork White]_ Braised Braised Pork White _ How to Do _ Practice Daquan

[Home-made Braised Braised Pork White]_ Braised Braised Pork White _ How to Do _ Practice Daquan

In fact, white can be made into a variety of delicious foods, and as a home-made ingredient, it is loved by people and has high nutritional value. Common home-made methods include braised braised wonton white, wonton white scrambled eggs, and wonton white fry pork.select.

1. Braised simmered white ingredients: simmered white meat slices, soy sauce, white sugar, onion and ginger. Method: 1. Wash the simmered whites, remove the fibrous skin and slice.

2. Add base oil to the pan and fry the meat until slightly spitted.

Third, add onion ginger cooking wine to fishy, then add soy sauce sugar, salt to adjust the taste of braised sauce.

Fourth, the white scallions are white, add a little water, and cook for about 3 minutes.

2. Scooped white scrambled eggs Ingredients: Scooped white egg soy sauce and sugar starch chicken powder Method: First, scooped white slices and beat the eggs.

Add a little bit of soy sauce and cooking wine to the egg liquid, which can dispel the fishy smell and add flavor.

Second, pour the oil in the pot, heat it up, pour into the egg liquid and spread into quiche, slice it after serving.

Third, pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan and stir fry the white slices until slightly browned.

4. Spray the cooking wine, pour in oyster sauce (or soy sauce), and add sugar to taste.

Fifth, use starch, water, chicken powder, sugar and certain soy sauce to make water starch juice, pour it into a pan and heat it to a thick, thin mash.

Sixth, pour the lotus root white and eggs back into the pot, and evenly wrap the lotus root sauce.

3. Stir-fried pork shredded pork ingredients: Scallion white 5 two, shredded pork 3 two, garlic 4 cloves, red pepper 1 method: one, shredded pork shredded, cooking wine and starch, marinate for a while.

Second, remove the old roots and outer skin, cut into 3 cm segments, then stand up and cut to 0.

5 cm pieces, then lay them down and cut to 0 along the lines.

5 cm thick wire.

This is the most important point. It is not oblique sliced and shredded, which will damage the texture and not crispy.