Can prostate calcification be cured?

锘? Can prostate calcification be cured? Can prostate calcification be cured? This is a problem that many male friends are very concerned about. Can prostate calcification be cured? Prostate calcification is a scar left after the prostate has hardened and is a precursor to prostate stones. Prostatic calculi are often accompanied by chronic prostatitis, which is usually seen by B-ultrasound. Can prostate calcification be cured? Due to the specific structure of the prostate, calcification occurs, and there is generally no better treatment for stones. It is recommended to treat the primary disease by careful treatment after early detection, pay attention to rest and reasonable diet, etc., and significantly improve the disease to correct symptoms. (1) Prostate calcification can not completely root cause Prostatic calcification is generally distributed in the prostate,…
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Insufficient sleep in summer is prone to temper

锘? Insufficient sleep in summer is prone to temper The study found that people in summer are prone to irritability and irritability, which affects people's temper, including temperature and sleep. In summer, the sunshine time becomes longer, and the time to sleep at night is shorter, so it is more likely to occur. Insufficient sleep can interfere with the human biological rhythm, causing internal secretion disorders and affecting mood. 銆€銆€In the hot summer, you must let yourself get a good night's sleep, so that you can have the best mental state, and the temper will be gentle and calm. According to the body clock, the daily sleep should be kept at 8 hours, and the time to fall asleep should not exceed 10 o'clock in the evening. Otherwise, even sleep…
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Top secret diet strategy for health and longevity

锘? Top secret diet strategy for health and longevity Due to physiological changes, the elderly should have their own special requirements for expectations. Some people will summarize the expected principles of health and longevity into the following 12 points, which is easy to remember and not difficult to achieve. 銆€銆€The amount is a little less: the amount of food intake is about 10%-15% lower than that of young people, but it can't exceed 20%, and the reduced part is food. 銆€銆€Better quality: the supply of protein, especially high quality protein, should be met. High-quality protein is best for fish, poultry, eggs, milk, and soybeans. 銆€銆€More vegetables: Eating more vegetables is good for cardiovascular protection and cancer prevention. You should eat more than 250 grams of vegetables every day. 銆€銆€The dish…
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Wife does not regard sexual intercourse as a reward and punishment for her husband.

锘? Wife does not regard sexual intercourse as a reward and punishment for her husband. In the husband and wife life, the wife's injury to her husband is probably more serious than the harm to her husband's sexual self-esteem. However, in real life, sometimes the wife consciously and unconsciously attacked her husband's sexual self-esteem, but her husband was embarrassed, but the husband's sexual dysfunction was caused, and even the husband and wife turned against the eyes and the serious consequences of family disintegration. 銆€銆€Unwarranted suspicion of blame and protection of the husband's sexual self-esteem, we must first miss the husband's sexual morality. For a loyal and noble husband, his wife's unwarranted suspicion will cause great harm to self-esteem. 銆€銆€Zhang Hao is a salesman of a unit, Xiaojing, who is in…
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Are there some female helpers?

锘? Are there some female helpers? Some surveys show that the incidence of female sexual indifference is about 30%? 40%, then every three women have a cold sex. Many women have a colder sex life after marriage because of their physical fitness. Let's take a look at some female helper foods. 銆€銆€1. 2 pig kidneys, 30 grams of medlar, the porcine kidney fascia, sliced, into the soup with the scorpion, seasoning. 銆€銆€2. Cordyceps 5? 10 pieces, one male duck. Remove the male duck into the viscera, wash it, put it in a casserole or aluminum pan, add the Cordyceps sinensis, salt, ginger and onion seasoning instead, add water to the small fire stew, cooked and can be cooked. 銆€銆€3. 15 grams of Cistanche, decoction to slag juice, and lamb, the…
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Children have hunger for colored foods

锘? Children have hunger for colored foods In the children's food counters in the mall, crystal clear small jelly, bright juice, colorful puffed food tempting children from time to time, stimulating their appetite, and these foods have a special sweet taste, so that children can not stop. 銆€銆€The color of colored foods is generally made by adding natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Natural pigments are generally extracted from plants. Because of their constant source, they are not easy to refine, the price is high, and the coloring power is poor. Manufacturers are not willing to use them. Synthetic pigments have the characteristics of simple refining method, low price, strong coloring power, etc., which are extracted from petroleum or coal tar. Chemicals such as aniline and toluene are mixed in the…
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Communicate with patients with Alzheimer’s disease

锘? Communicate with patients with Alzheimer's disease People with senile dementia often have difficulty understanding others and being understood, creating troubles or distressing. But remember that this is caused by disease and is not intentional. Therefore, each family member should learn how to face and deal with this situation. 銆€銆€Dementia patients are very sensitive to the tone of others' speech, and the excited tone makes him feel uneasy, and the calm tone makes him feel at ease. Therefore, it is reasonable to keep your words calm. 銆€銆€One must avoid quarrels. The patient may be suspicious of what is in front of him, can't distinguish between the past and the present, and even forget who you are. This is very embarrassing and envisioning. But don't stick to your point of view,…
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Summer nap should not exceed one hour

锘? Summer nap should not exceed one hour In the summer, people are generally tired at noon, especially after lunch. This is because the digestive function is strengthened after lunch, the blood supply to the digestive tract is significantly increased, and the supply to the brain is relatively reduced.The amount is reduced, so some people will feel sleepy. Taking a nap during this time is beneficial to the adjustment of the physical state. However, although the nap is very good, if you break into the misunderstanding of sleeping posture, it will also affect your health, especially those who have cervical spondylosis. 銆€銆€First of all, don't sleep immediately after lunch. This is not conducive to the digestion of food. You can do a small amount of exercise, move around, and then…
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Taijiquan health, detailed Wudang Taijiquan thirteen style

锘? Taijiquan health, detailed Wudang Taijiquan thirteen style Taijiquan is ever-changing, and there are countless factions about Taijiquan in China. The Wudang 13-style Taijiquan is a combination of internal and external exercises. There are Taiji Thirteen in the outside, and there is Wudang's inner fist. The following is a brief introduction to Wudang Taiji.Boxing thirteen. 銆€銆€Wudang inner family boxing is a kind of exquisite boxing method that integrates martial arts as one body. It has the characteristics of martial arts with static braking, with soft gram, with four or two kilograms, and the first is made of martial arts. It is also moving like a flowing stream, continuous, soft and soft.Contains, but does not reveal the martial arts style. It has the potential to create people's potential, to open up…
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3 kinds of eating in the early summer, do not diet, reduce 10 pounds a week To maintain proper posture, you must rely on the right diet and the right amount of exercise. Here, I would like to introduce to my friends the method of losing 3 to 5 kilograms in seven days. Interested friends may wish to try. 銆€銆€1. The whole liquid diet method is simple, and the only food that can be eaten is water. Skimmed milk or light chicken soup (to get rid of chicken skin) without seasoning, no amount. This method can clean the stomach. Enhance physical fitness. The time is limited to one week. 銆€銆€2. Apple, grapefruit, and skim milk diets take unlimited amounts of skimmed milk every day, plus apples and grapefruits, but the…
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