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[Can oral ulcers eat apricots]_ apricots_ can you eat

[Can oral ulcers eat apricots]_ apricots_ can you eat

If you have oral ulcers, you must pay attention to your diet. Try not to eat spicy and irritating foods, and try not to eat too much greasy foods, because this type of food can easily lead to aggravation of the fire, which will cause oral ulcers to get worseFor ulcers, it is best not to eat apricots, to avoid adverse stimulation of the mouth ulcers. At this time, you can eat some fruits appropriately, and you should usually drink plenty of water.

Can oral ulcers eat apricots? It is not recommended to eat. Oral ulcers can be sprayed on the affected area with watermelon cream spray, drink plenty of water, and do not eat spicy food.

What are the dietary contraindications for mouth ulcers?

1. Avoid irritating condiments such as pepper, vinegar, ginger, shallots, star anise and so on.

These foods will not only induce pain, they will stimulate the ulcer surface and gradually increase.

2, avoid rough and hard foods such as fried pork ribs, fried chicken legs, nuts and the like.

Because these hard foods are prone to friction on the ruptured surface and worsen the disease.

3, avoid chewing gum, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol, coffee, hot food and spicy barbecue, fried products.

These are things that can cause or aggravate oral ulcers.

4, do not eat ground foods, such as bread, corn or potato chips, etc., because ground food can easily cause broken noodles and affect the healing of broken noodles.

5, avoid eating hot food.

Boiling water or hot soup will not kill the bacteria on the ulcer surface, but will cause irritation.

Therefore, it is best to eat food after it has cooled to room temperature.

Fruits that can be eaten: Peach, peaches are supplemented with vitamin B and other vitamins, and can also delay aging. It is a rare fruit.

Peach is also a good fruit for oral ulcers, but although peach has a better effect on oral ulcers, from a gastrointestinal perspective, it is not conducive to eating more.

Persimmons can also be effectively implanted into oral ulcers.

If you let me choose, I will choose persimmon as the best answer for what fruits to eat for oral ulcers, because persimmons not only have a great effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, but also have a certain effect on the prevention of oral ulcers.

Apples, apples are very economical vitamin expectation fruits and are very suitable for vitamin supplementation.

So this should be a better answer to what fruits of oral ulcers.