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[How to make soup on plate]_How to make_How to make

[How to make soup on plate]_How to make_How to make

Anhui plate noodles are delicious and delicious, which is a kind of pasta that people prefer to eat.

The manufacturing process of Anhui noodles is simple. It is a popular snack. When office workers or students come to eat, they will choose a small noodle restaurant to serve a bowl of Anhui noodles., Cooked quickly, and cheap and delicious.

In fact, we can make a bowl of Anhui noodles at home. Let me introduce to you, how to make Anhui noodles?

First: Authentic recipe An authentic beef plate noodle soup recipe, which is the basis of taste.

If even the most basic recipe is not authentic, then the taste is definitely not delicious.

How to tell if the formula is authentic?

First of all, if ketchup is added during cooking, it is definitely not our recipe from Anhui.

Because the origin of slab noodles is a small county below Anhui, long and long ago, the transportation was inconvenient, the supplies were tedious, and there was no such thing as ketchup. There was still slab noodles.

So, it’s impossible to have ketchup in our authentic plate recipe!

The ingredients of our authentic board noodles are made of some very common materials, such as fragrant leaves, cumin, peppercorns, cinnamon, star anise, grass fruit, meat crocodile, white cardamom, fragrant sand, white lotus root, ginger, clove and other materials.

Use unusual materials to make an unusual taste!

Second: grasping the details is what it means. Details determine success or failure.

For boiled beef board noodles, the details are substantial.

In the course of several hours of base cooking, if that detail is missed, it will affect the overall taste.

In all the details, the most important thing is that each material must be weighed with an electronic scale, and the oil temperature must be accurately controlled with an oil thermometer when cooking.

Why do all materials have to be weighed electronically?

Because when some masters boil the food, they grab the material by hand, for example, one cinnamon stick and two peppercorns.

However, everyone’s hands are different, so if you grasp carefully, it is very inaccurate and not suitable for novices to learn.

When we boil, all materials are weighed by electronic scales, so that the specific amount of each material is regulated.

Third, why do you have to use an oil thermometer to measure the oil temperature when you master the heat?

Because in the whole beef plate noodle technology, the most difficult thing is to grasp the oil temperature and heat.

If the fire is high and the oil temperature is high, the material will be fried. If the fire is low and the oil temperature is low, the aroma of the material will not be fully fried.

Therefore, grasping the oil temperature and heat is of paramount importance!

Many panel masters have been doing it for decades. They are experienced and judge oil temperature based on experience. But for novices who have n’t touched catering, they do n’t have any experience. How do you judge the oil temperature?

When we are cooking, we use an oil thermometer to measure the oil temperature, so as long as we can understand the numbers, we can determine the oil temperature. If the oil temperature is high, the fire will be reduced. If the oil temperature is low, the ignition will be added.Easy to grasp the heat.