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[Can you eat apples after making the crowd?

]_Abortion_Can you eat

[Can you eat apples after making the crowd?
]_Abortion_Can you eat

Abortion surgery is very damaging to the body. You need to take good care of your body after the operation. Apart from eating something that nourishes your body, you need to pay special attention to your diet.Do n’t eat it for the time being after surgery. The nutrition in apples is very rich. Usually, eating apples is very good for your health. Can you eat apples after finishing the flow of people?

Can I eat apples after the crowd is finished?

It can be eaten after the flow of people, it is best to eat it steamed, so that it will not cause indigestion.

It is not allowed to eat cold food and fruits within one month after the flow of people, but you can warm the fruits before eating.

After abortion, pay attention to nutritional diet, it is best to drink brown sugar water to help promote uterine contraction, eat more meat, fish, eggs and other foods, apples are mild fruits.

Maintenance method 1 after abortion surgery, it is also very important to keep the vulva clean, and it should be aware of the uterine health care after painless abortion surgery.

Do not sit in a bath for half a month, to prevent dirty water from entering the vagina and causing infection.

Second, there are a lot of things to note in diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very important, but there are also restrictions.

Foods that are rich in various vitamins and trace elements are preferred, such as various vegetables, eggs, fruits, beans, and meat. They are very helpful for restoring health, but it should be noted that targeted diet conditioning is necessaryCooperate with the attending doctor.

Avoid irritating food.

Disorders of meridians, avoid eating irritating foods, such as pepper, vinegar, wine, pepper, ginger, etc. These foods can stimulate sexual organ congestion and increase menstrual flow.

Limit your aunt appropriately.

Induced abortion intervention, based on a normal diet within one week, appropriately limit the aunt’s daily intake of about 80 grams.

Excessive consumption of aunt, severely fat body.

Avoid salty foods.

So as not to cause water and sodium retention, increase the burden on the heart and edema.

Avoid cold food.

Such as cold dishes, cold drinks and cold snails, crabs, river mussels and so on.

Third, proper exercise within 2 weeks after abortion, in order to facilitate the discharge of blood in the womb, do not stay in bed all day.

Eat nutritious food without heavy physical labor.

Fourth, if no tissue excretion is observed, observe for 2 weeks after medication. During the period of urination, pay attention to whether there is tissue excretion.

Urine is sent weekly for a pregnancy test.

Five, the first 2 after an abortion?
3 days, the amount of vaginal bleeding is equivalent to menstrual volume, or more than the amount of menstrual flow. If the amount of vaginal bleeding is large, or if it continues to be unclean, see a doctor in time.

6. Pay attention to the hygiene of the genitals, such as cleaning the vulva daily, but care should be taken not to allow sewage to enter the vagina.

Seven, take some antibiotics prescribed by the doctor on time, and drugs that promote uterine contraction, such as motherwort.

Abortion surgery is not a major operation, and most people have little influence on the future, but after all, it is a surgery. The risk is always there and the consequences are serious once it occurs.

The key is that if you have had repeated abortion surgery, it will be more troublesome.

There are reports in the literature that the number of abortion operations is 4 or more, and the incidence of infertility (pregnancy) or infertility (premature loss of pregnancy after pregnancy) will reach 90% in the future. This is a terrible number!