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[Harm of eating duck collarbone]_ bad points _ impact

[Harm of eating duck collarbone]_ bad points _ impact

Duck collarbone is a very delicious food, especially the spicy duck collarbone is loved by many people, but if there are often too many duck collarbone, it is very harmful to your body, after all, it is also in duck collarboneThere are a lot of lymphoid organs. If these lymphoids are replaced, they will cause some harm to their own body. Therefore, it is best not to eat duck clavicle too much.

What are the dangers of eating more duck collarbone: The thymus is the primary lymphoid organ of an animal. The lymphoid organ is an animal’s immune system. It contains a large number of germs and viruses and is not suitable for consumption.

However, the thymus has been removed from the necks of the treated chickens and ducks. Generally, there are only a few small lymph nodes to agglomerate. Generally, eating them will not cause harm to human health.

Lymphatic organs are important immune organs for animals, mainly helping animals to achieve some immune functions. They are like guardians in the animal body, and can kill some invading viruses and bacteria at all times.

However, because the macrophages in the lymph glands have a strong ability to engulf germs and viruses, the lymphoid organs of some animals, including the thymus, are also where the virus and bacteria are most concentrated, so they are not suitable for consumption.

Animal lymphoid tissues and organs are spread throughout the animal’s body, that is, there are some small lymphoid tissues on the neck of the bird, where the skin and bones are connected. It is not realistic to completely remove these small lymphoid tissues, even if they have been peeled andThe chicken neck and duck neck of the thymus still have some small lymph nodes.

He said that if these small lymphoid tissues did not have complications, they would not cause health hazards if eaten.

A small amount of intake can completely dissolve the body.

Some people cannot eat duck collarbone, and most people eat less.

But because duck clavicle contains some lymphatic substances, pregnant women eat as little as possible.

2. Applicable people of duck clavicle The melting point of fatty acid in duck meat is low and easy to digest.

It contains more B vitamins and vitamin E, which can effectively resist neuritis and many types of inflammation.

3, the taboo of duck clavicle

1. Duck clavicle + garlic: poisoning.


2. Duck clavicle + soft-shelled turtle: long-term food is amazing, edema and diarrhea.